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Related to Pigg Family in Giles Co., Tenn.
Descended from John Pigg and Deliah Chitwood of Lincoln Co., Tenn.

New photos and information added to page 2 and 3 on March 5, 2009
New Page 4 uploaded April 1, 2008

Pigg Descendant Chart- 12Generations (Updated 2/07 with info from John Cooper Pigg) (and Updated 10/07 with info from James A. Gipson) (Updated 1/08 at the initiation of James with help from Janet's Genealogy)

Page 2 Photos from Cousin John Cooper Pigg

Page 3 Photos and Connections from Cousin James Gipson

Page 4 Chart and Narrative by Hubert Woodward Pigg, from James Gipson

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Update added Feb. 17, '08, from Cousin James
I knew that it was in our family tradition that Joel Pigg and his brother Edmond took a trip north to retrieve their sweethearts, the Byrd sisters. Well I now know that they married in Clinton County, Illinois before coming back to Tenn. Joel and Penelope were married Dec. 28, 1830, and Edmond and Rebecca were married Nov. 23, 1830. Both couples were married by Jonathan Sharp, J.P. See 1825-1848 Clinton County, IL marriages Book A- Grooms N-Q I guess they had to be married before travelling together.

New Updates on Dec. 2 and Dec. 11
Note- updated with new photos and information on 10/29/07.
The new photos and information are sent from (and courtesy of) our newly found cousin James Gipson for Nora Pigg and the Doggetts, and the new Page 3 with James' relationship description and more photos. Thank you!!!!
Also thanks go to Cousin John for the new photos of Selma, Robert, Edna and Lillie. dt.

John Pigg and Delilah Chitwood

John (D?) Pigg 1767-1836 (grandfather of John Canaan)and Delilah Chitwood left Virginia and settled at Craighead Creek in Lincoln Co. (dates not known) One of their sons was Joel C. Pigg and he married Penelope Byrd, in Lewisburg, Tenn, 1832 (or 1825)
their son, John Canaan was raised at the Pigg settlement near Swan Creek

John Cannan (1836-1911) and Sarah Finley Pigg (b. 1839) had possibly eight children:
.............................Note:.......We would like to find out where Sarah Finley Pigg is buried. Anyone know that???
John and Sarah children:
  • Mary (married Boney Lorance)
  • Martha Adaline (married Jim Luna aka James Righteous Luna)
  • Etta (married Will Pearson, aka Fayette /pronounced: Fate)....ancestor of Dianna Knight Taplin
    Summary: Sara Etta Pigg born Marshall County, Tenn., October in either 1864 or 1865
    married William Lafayette (Fate) Pearson (1861-1943)
  • Lizzie (married Jim Davis)
  • Nora ( married Will Doggett)
  • James Edmond (married Estella M. Mitchell) ....Ancestor of Cousin John Cooper Pigg...
    (see information below about Estella Mitchell, dau. of Mary E.D. Mitchell)
  • Two little boys who died young (Joel, and John Thomas Pigg)
John Canaan Pigg
(photo thanks to John Cooper Pigg)
Photos of Children of John C. Pigg and Sarah Finley
(need pic. ID)

Is this Mary??or Martha
Help sort out
Martha Adeline
(need pic. ID)

Is this Martha??or Mary
which is which.
Sara Etta



James Edmond

Joel and John
not available)
Note: Photo names are confirmed on Sara Etta, Lizzie, Nora, and James Edmond.
I REQUEST CONFIRMATION OR CORRECTION on the photos of Mary and Martha,. I am GUESSING. They could very well be mixed up. Help, please, if you have better information on this.

John C. Pigg and second wife-Mary Elizabeth Deford MitchellClick for Photo(thanks to John Cooper Pigg)
......had six children:
  • Robert Taylor Pigg (Uncle Bob)
  • Maude (married Robert Armstrong)
  • Selma
  • Edna (married Ed Woods)
  • Lillie (married Randall Worsham)
  • Daughter (Estella)of Mary E. Deford Mitchell with her first husband was also living with this family.
    (Estella, daug. of Mary who is second wife of John Pigg, married James Edmond Pigg who is son of John Pigg's first wife Sarah Finley.) (To put that another way, John Pigg's son from first marriage married John Pigg's step daughter from his second marriage.)
John and Mary Pigg (click small image for a larger view)
Photos of Children of John C. Pigg and Mary E.D. Mitchell
Robert Taylor Pigg
(Selma photo was wrong Selma...
moved to Page 2)
Edna Lillie Estella
(dau of Mary E.D. Mitchell,
step dau. of John C. PIgg)

Photo ID Section: Can you help identify these pictures?

This photo was labeled UNKNOWN,
and was from collection of Mary Ellen Pigg Boyd
Mike Boyd says that even though the big ears are a familiar Pigg trait, no one in the family knew who this picture was.

Throwing out a wild idea ...... could this possibly John Cannan Pigg at a younger age?????

Which two of Sara's sisters are pictured in this series below?

#1 Sara Etta wearing glasses. Lady in dark dress -need identity, i.e. which sister is she?. #2 Lady in flowered dress- need identity, again, which sister?. Man- his identity might help with the other two.

Photo #1

Photo #2

Therefore: we have Sara Etta Pigg in the glasses,
and then there are the 2 probable sisters - one in the dark dress and one in the flower dress (who is standing with man). The possible names of those 2 sisters could be Mary, or Martha, or Lizzie, or Nora----
--if they were full sisters, or Maude, Edna, or Lillie if they were half sisters.

If we could narrow down who the man is, that might give us the name of which sister of Etta that one is.
The way I see it, the choices for men's names would be Armstrong, Woods, Worsham, Doggett, Luna, Lorance, or Davis.

If you know the names of the people in these photos (Photo #1 & Photo #2)
or have other mystery items you want posted about this branch of Pigg family:
please emailDianna

ALSO holler if you have a photo of John C. Pigg or Sarah Finley.

UPDATE!!!!! (Sept. '07) John C. Pigg photo is NOW in hand,
THANKS TO John Cooper Pigg!!!!!!!

link to More relatives from Giles, Maury, Lincoln, Marshall, and Cocke Counties, Tenn.

Sara Etta Pigg and Will Lafayette(Fate) Pearson

Taken on their 50th Anniversary